Two-Pack of New Songs: Re-Brewed

I have a new single up for sale in the Music section here. It features a pair of MJ songs from previous recordings of mine, re-recorded and re-issued in honor of the 20th anniversary of my moving to Denver and putting down my music and beer roots here. It's just $3 for both songs.

"One More Beer" is --to me -- the best song I've written and as fine of a healing-power-of-a-beer-in-a-bar song as there is. Okay, I said it! Written from firsthand band, beer-lover and last-call experience, the original version (just me and a guitar) closed out the acclaimed MJ & the PBPBs debut. It got some great airplay. It's become a regular in MJ & the GUs shows and my solo shows, and seemed like one worth a revisit.

"Match Made in Milwaukee" came about years ago in a Phoenix bar while I was telling a pal about the wonderful mutual affections for beer that my bride and I enjoy. The chorus nods to a great Jerry Lee Lewis song -- "What Made Milwaukee Famous (Made a Loser out of Me)" -- and may qualify as a "hit" song of mine. This new version features the rocking Great Unknowns and takes the songs to new and especially beer-friendly heights.

I hope you'll buy this single and these two new cuts.

To spread some extra joy (and a few bucks) around for the holidays, from December7-25 I'm donating two bucks from each sale of Re-Brewed to Reading Partners. I'm a reading tutor volunteer (go Cole Academy!) for the group, which helps low-income students improve their reading skills.  They are a fantastic group and need financial support and more tutors.