My So-Called Solo Career, New Song

Milestones are great for celebrating the past and improving the future. Having recently hit the 20-year mark as a Denverite (time really does fly when you’re having fun), I’ve been having some extra fun looking back on the adventure and blessings I’ve enjoyed here. Thank you very much Denver, Colorado and all of your fine people. Thank you Mrs. Jones for your grand “let’s move to Denver” idea.

But the milestone has also reminded me that I’ve wasted much musical time. I’m way behind in my solo-artist pursuit. I’m overdue on cutting loose a bunch of songs that’ve brought me much at-home pleasure but never seemed to fit with my band-backed sound. The songs are too sad, too angry or too goofy. Or I’m too chicken to put ‘em out there.

So I’m fixing that. Starting with a song now on my Music page that was a napalm set bomb -- deservedly so, perhaps -- the few times I ever played it live. “Heaven Knows” came about due to the murder of a 6-year-old girl in Boulder back in December of 1995, just a few months after I moved here. You know the story. Everybody knows the story.

Like so many others, I’m still amazed that -- despite all the attention the case got -- nobody was brought to justice for it. It also bugged me that nobody ever wrote a song about it. So here’s my humble part for remedying the latter (and far less troubling) of those two things.

More solo numbers are on the way. Don’t worry, most of them are much sunnier than this one.