My New Solo Recording

At last, my debut solo recording is available for you fine folks to buy and enjoy. Nothing to Cry About features six songs written and performed by yours truly. The songs stretch from my typical winking numbers to a personal protest number, a lonely blue boy ode, and optimistic songs for tough times.

This is my first solo disc. It feels downright liberating to have it done. I've been wanting to release a batch of bare-bones tunes for a while now. This recording is also my first step in a quieter, more stripped-down approach to playing music while landing Grammy awards and global fame. (Haha!)

The solo gig puts an unvarnished (and a bit nerve-wracking for me) focus on my songwriting efforts and singing, and songs that never seemed to fit my with-band pursuits. This solo approach also frees my ears from any more damage, while pushing me into a new but especially satisfying artistic discomfort zone. 

Each song link on my Bandcamp page has a few details on the song and the lyrics to the song. The songs are available in digital format and I also have a few Nothing to Cry About CDs available for old-school CD buyers like me.

I hope you dig this batch of songs. I hope you'll buy this recording. Each song was lovingly crafted by me in small batches, right here in Denver, CO. These songs were recorded in brilliant no-frills fashion by the mighty Kyle Jones of Sleeping Brotherhood Studios in Denver.

Alright, there's the latest news from me. I have a few gigs coming up in support of this CD, stay tuned for details on those gigs.

Marty Jones, Singer/Songwriter/Musician