“Thoughts and Prayers “ for All of You

I have a new song available in the Music section. Very exciting. For me, at least! 

“Thoughts and Prayers” is a response to the terribly tired refrain that follows small problems and terrible events that require much more than that. Sure, the thoughts and the prayers are nice. I’m a believer and practitioner of both. But they’re aren’t near enough, are they? 

I hope you appreciate the song. I started it shortly after the shooting in Parkland, FL at Marjory Stone Douglas High School. 

What’s the key to a topical or “protest” song? Years ago I had the thrill of interviewing the legendary songwriter and rabble-rouser Utah Phillips. His wise take was that the best ones have a sense of humor and are not overly preachy. I hope I hit that tricky sweet spot. -- MJ

PS - Utah Phillips was one of smartest, punkest, most inspiring people I’ve ever interviewed. Read my piece on him at https://www.westword.com/music/state-of-grace-5065380 . RIP Utah.