MJ & the GUs Play Governor’s Ball


We had the great honor of being chosen by Governor John Hickenlooper to headline his recent inaugural ball at the famed Fillmore Auditorium.

It was a career highlight to be selected by our favorite politician for this historic gig. It was a gigantic thrill to be on that revered stage -- that has hosted so many great bands over the years – and to reel & rock for 2000-plus folks at such a fine occasion.

Gotta say, the sound on that stage was awesome. Big and rich but not too loud, we sounded downright menacing up there. The sound crew took great care of us with that exceptional stage and house mix.

Heck, the Fillmore roadies (and “roadies” is a term we never get to use!) offered to carry our gear back and forth to our cars before and after the gig. How nice!

All in all it was a night to remember for us. Thanks Governor and Fillmore staff.  - MJ