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Marty Jones: Scintillating Solo Act, Bard of Beer Songs, King of Barn Rock

Welcome to my website! It has some great features. Starting with my brand new solo recording, Nothing to Cry About. The recording features six stripped-down songs of mine, performed by me on vox, guitar and harmonica. I hope you dig it.  

Here at this site you can also find all of the music I’ve put out since arriving in Denver in 1995. Please buy some music here and help me fund my musical-arts efforts.

Check the Shows & News page for updates.

In the meantime, shoot me a note to join our email list. If you need a witty solo act for your club, festival or house party, shoot me a note at marty@martyjones.net and let’s book it.

Alright, thanks for stopping in, buy some music here, come to a show and please support your local craft music maker.

Scroll down for more details on me and my band the Great Unknowns.

Spread some joy around,
Marty Jones

Tell me about Marty’s solo shows. My solo shows feature stripped down versions of songs I do with the fellas, humorous numbers that don’t seem to fit the band thing, snarky protest songs and extremely sad songs that nobody wants to hear. Along with new tunes I take for unplugged test drives, and favorite covers reworked to (hopefully) cool new forms. With witty stage banter woven among them all.

Who Is in the Band? The Great Unknowns are guitarist Zach Boddicker (4-H Royalty, Drag the River), standup bassist Scott Johnson (Cowboy Dave, Felonius Smith) and drummer Rob Buehler (4-H Royalty). Yes, that’s three very, very talented people.

What kind of music do MJ & the GUs play? Tough-but-winking music that blends rockabilly, honkytonk, roots rock and hillbilly stomp into a fresh new form. Our stuff is comprised of equal parts honest heartbreak and irreverent humor, and a staunch appreciation of the rawer side of American roots music. With a side of M. Jones songs that involve beer. (Hey, write about what you know, right?) You, your kid, your mom and your tattooed nephew will all love it. Your shoe-gazing brother-in-law will not dig us. Your sister with the Taylor Swift posters in her room? Not her thing.

Background Check
Since 1997, I've been stomping out barn rock and true-grit country for the good people in Colorado and beyond.

I released a couple of highly acclaimed full-length CDs with my old mates, the Pork Boilin' Poor Boys. Full Boar received extensive airplay on independent stations across the United States and some rave reviews from fans and media types, too. (Really, it did.)

Our debut, self-titled CD (released in December of 1999) was deemed one of the top-ten country recordings in the nation of that year by the Denver Post, and the best local CD of 2000 by 5280 Magazine. (No kidding.)

Me and the PBPBs were also five-time nominees to the Westword Music Showcase here in Denver. (Read more about our pedigree on our Press page.)

We headlined shows at the best festivals, small theaters and music dives in Colorado, and opened for some of our fave peers. Myself and the GUs are proud members of Westword's Music Icon division for our years of good musical service to the people in the Denver, CO area and beyond. Quite the honor!